In your love


سلام.ببخشید که دییییییییییر اپ کردم.این شعرجدیدمه.امیدوارم که خوشتون بیاد.برای خداجونم سرودمش.


“in your love”

In the center of my heart

There is only a love kiss

Dont you remember our start?

Nobody saw you when you kissed.


Just i could feel it and  i have

It’s like jumpoff a fire in my heart

Some fantastic changes in my heart


Remorses are broke and hates are gone

Capers are glowing the fire of love

Who can say who knows that what can be better

Than burning in the fire,in the love of God?


God i should  give you a promise and
a packt

i have to engage i ‘d never forget that

I know I remember that  I sank in my

And about the worse awful life i had

How can i thank and what should i say?

How can i blurt my feelings to God?

For saving the little the poor vassal from

All of the mortals and the push of the knot


I was tripping out and spinning around

I was freaking out,i was losing my faith

I turned myself around,I forgot who I am

My vices messed me up,need a second to breath


I experiment the real pure love with you God

I was a freak a sinful a sinner before

But thanks for savin’ me and thanks for lovin’ me

I want your strong love,not anyone else,not any thing more



/ 2 نظر / 12 بازدید

من هنوزم در عجبم تو چه جوری اینا رو می نویسی؟[سوال] اخه نه که بنده خدای استعدادم اینا رو می بینم دهنم میفته کف زمین من فقط تو دوران طفولیت یه بیت شعر در مورد حسن کچل نوشتم که اونم قافیه نداشت


_ (▒)(▒)______________(▒)(▒))) ___(▒)(█)(▒)___________(▒)(█)(▒))) ____(▒)(▒)_____(▒)(▒)___(▒)(▒))) _____________(▒)(█)(▒))) ______________(▒)(▒))) _ _(▒)(▒)______________(▒)(▒))) ___(▒)(█)(▒)___________(▒)(█)(▒))) ____(▒)(▒)_____(▒)(▒)___(▒)(▒))) _____________(▒)(█)(▒))) ______________(▒)(▒))) __ (▒)(▒)______________(▒)(▒))) ___(▒)(█)(▒)___________(▒)(█)(▒))) ____(▒)(▒)_____(▒)(▒)___(▒)(▒))) _____________(▒)(█)(▒))) ______________(▒)(▒))) __ (▒)(▒)______________(▒)(▒))) ___(▒)(█)(▒)___________(▒)(█)(▒))) ____(▒)(▒)_____(▒)(▒)___(▒)(▒))) _____________(▒)(█)(▒))) ______________(▒)(▒))) __ (▒)(▒)______________(▒)(▒))) ___(▒)(█)(▒)___________(▒)(█)(▒))) ____(▒)(▒)_____(▒)(▒)___(▒)(▒))) _____________(▒)(█)(▒))) ______________(▒)(▒))) بالاخره اپیدم پس بدو بیا نظر هم که نفراموش [لبخند]